The USA Free Market sets the highest price the market will accept.

  • What do corporations get? Excessive corporate profits.
  • What do you get? Notably the highest drug prices in the world that go up every year.

In contrast foreign countries set the lowest price pharmaceutical companies will accept.

  • What do corporations get? Reasonable corporate profits.
  • What do foreigners get? In contrast dramatically lower drug prices that don’t go up every year.

With this in mind Apples Two Apples has determined how much lower drug prices can be in the U.S. In addition our blog exposes how much we overpay along with recommendations and updates as we learn more.

Uniquely Apples Two Apples has quantified the drug pricing problem and found a solution. The U.S. can negotiate lower drug prices using foreign countries’ drug price lists. In essence price match foreign countries. Likewise we hope to be a catalyst for positive change.

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