Given that USA drugs prices are too high one must ask how much lower drug prices should be?

Why should the USA pay so much more than the rest of the world for the same medication. As shown below the collected drug pricing is represented by tiers. Since the USA has the highest price for every drug* much lower prices are possible. For example the VA median* is >3x higher* and the Free Market is >8x higher* than the international baseline.

The trend line is consistent and straight forward. Both in the USA and in foreign countries’ the government run health care system has dramatically lower drug prices. To emphasize this point the Veteran’s Affairs negotiates the lowest drug prices in the USA for every drug compared. The VA median price is 40% lower than the Free Market for the compared drugs*.

Based on this data some logical questions arise:

  • What will the USA accomplish by privatizing more?
    • This will reduce the number of people with health insurance.
    • The USA free market system is the most expensive in the world. 
  • Why aren’t we expanding the Veteran’s Affairs to cover more people?
    • This will increase the number of people with health insurance.
    • The VA government system is the least expensive in the USA.
  • Why aren’t Veteran’s Affairs prices even lower?
    • Other governments negotiate 3x* lower prices. 

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