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All things considered we are still idealistic enough to believe the USA health care system can change. It’s up to you whether that change is for the better or worse. For this reason our team is guided by values and driven by passion, curiosity, and technical skills.



Rather than maintaining the status quo our independent team is challenging it with data. This process starts by collecting data. Let’s consider an apples to apples comparison of juice cost. To compare the price at several stores you’d select the same brand*, juice type, and quantity of juice. Next prices are collected at multiple store chains. For example one might find the juice costs $4 at one store and $2 at a second store. Hence the first store is two times (2x) more expensive. Therefore an apples to apples comparison is transparent when public data is used. Likewise the data and analysis throughout this site follows the same principles detailed here.


However given the diversity of drugs and their pricing the collection and analysis requires expertise. Hence we took on this challenge and introduce the first drug per drug cost comparisons in the USA and the world.



To introduce ourselves we aren’t part of the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries. Our technical analysis is led by an engineer with 20-years of consumer electronics experience. The data collection and analysis use best known engineering methods including some black box techniques and reverse engineering he pioneered.


The goal of this site is to reveal facts about pharmaceutical cost. It’s hard to be informed when it’s difficult and time consuming to find data, transparency, and honesty. Most of us aren’t health care insiders who invariably have an agenda. To emphasize health care studies point out the lack of apples to apples drug price comparisons. To sum up we are filling this data gap. In addition the data integrates a unique view of the current situation and logical choices that will improve affordability.


Above all our site is transparent. The pharmaceutical price is from public sources and our methodology is shown here. On the other hand the drug industry and political interests don’t share data openly. What’s public often isn’t accurate. Here we do things differently.


Already thousands of drug prices have been compared and with your support millions more will be. Visit to learn more about our story in the FAQs section. Once again by all means dive into the technical details of data analysis here. In addition please consider supporting this work with a contribution and contact us.



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