USA drug prices are excessive based on Apples to Apples comparisons.

Apples two Apples data comparisons expose excessive drug pricing of brand name and generic drugs. Some conclusions so far.

  • Here is a list of some cheaper products┬áin the USA.
  • Here is a list of higher prescription drug prices in the rest of the world…are there any?

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  • Lowest in the USA because it’s a government system somewhat like foreign countries.
  • VA is more than 40%* lower drug cost than the lowest cash prices.
  • Up to 250x* higher for hepatitis C medication.
  • More than 3x* higher for the VA.
  • More than 8x* higher for the lowest Cash prices.
  • Higher than foreign countries for brand name drugs manufactured in the USA.
  • Higher than foreign countries for generic drugs manufactured all over the world such as India.

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  • Expand the VA program to significantly reduce drug prices.
  • Negotiate a “price match” with the lowest cost foreign countries.
  • Transparently publish the drug price as foreign governments do.
    • More frequent updates from Medicare
    • Add wholesale pricing and margins
  • Industry lacks transparency for the consumer.
    • Up to 50% of USA drugs are imported.
    • Put the manufacturer name and manufactured location on the drug label.

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Data clearly shows the USA free market excels at charging the maximum price the market can bear.

For those that are making a genuine effort to understand and improve this industry we thank you. There are many of you out there and this isn’t an easy task. With that said during my research at least one thing continues to amaze me. For an industry as large as the pharmaceutical industry there’s a lack of consistent data. It’s hard to trust recommendations when there is dramatically different data on the web. How can something as fundamental as pharmaceutical market size, CAGR growth rates, percentage of imports, top drug lists etc. differ so much. There’s a credibility gap for this industry that starts reliable data. 

Instead the data on this site is from public sources. All the drug price comparisons can be duplicated. Of course to err is human but this data is verifiable unlike much of the published information out there. If you see a mistake let us know.

Drug Comparison


  1. Complete S-curve plots
    1. Compare to our data and the AP.
  2. Deep dive of drug type pricing.
    1. Brand name vs. generic.
  1. Add more:
    1. Types of medications.
    2. Countries.
    3. States.
  2. Investigate patterns:
    1. Family of drugs.
    2. Family of conditions.
    3. Pricing changes over time.
    4. Pricing across the USA.
  1. Compare in-depth drug pricing:
    1. Versus NADAC, cash average, and median prices.
  2. Collect and quantify how much lower VA prices are for many more medications.
    1. Draw conclusions.

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